Forty years of struggle! The birth of a new campaign! Give us your hands to become stronger

March 8, the International Women’s Day is upon us! We are waiting in anticipation to witness the struggle of the women all over the world, to join shoulder to shoulder, to shout and express our anger, and conquer the streets once again alongside the oppressed women all over the world.This year, we are welcoming March 8, while witnessing the most widespread women’s rallies in history. The splendid and powerful presence of millions of women – and men who are sickened by women oppression- in the streets all over the world is bringing back the energy and hope to the international women’s movement. It has been a decisive, clear and undeniable message to the world dominant patriarchal capitalist system, and Trump’s misogynist and fascist government, declaring that: “Women are standing in the front line of struggle against fascism and backwardness, and will fight for their own rights and the rights of other inferiors and oppressed.”

This year, we are welcoming March 8, while oppression of women has been unprecedentedly widespread in both quantity and quality. Never before in history, violence against women in different types, has been in such a large and worldwide scale. Never before in history, have women become part of the social and economic relation in society in such a massive scale, while being subjected to horrifying aggression, suppression and degradation.

This year, we are welcoming March 8, while the continuous global capitalist crisis and intensification of patriarchal norms, has jeopardized and undermined the relative rights that women have gained through their bloody struggles in “advanced capitalist” countries; and in countries where women’s oppression and lack of their basic rights are legalized, are witnessing serious onslaught on every prospect of their basic rights and freedom.

This year, we are welcoming March 8, while the expansion of globalization, and the world capitalist crisis, has enchained and trampled women between two reactionary patriarchal poles, the imperialist capitalism and religious fundamentalism.

This year, we are welcoming March 8, while being exhausted by repeating the endless list of abuses and crimes against women on daily basis, such as: rape, gang rape, incestuous rape, rape in wars, rape in prisons, spousal abuse and murder, murdering daughters, murder threats, acid attacks, stoning, physical attacks, genital mutilation, chastity rules, hymen repair and surgery, honor killing, street harassment and unsafety, sex trade, prostitution, sexual harassment at work place, vilification and internet defamation, burqa, pornography, forced veil, “morality” and “modesty” enforcement, gender discrimination and so on.

This year, we are welcoming March 8, while there is no alternative but to struggle to put an end to the endless cycle of domestic, social and state violence against women. No more silence! No more statistics! No more declarations! No more waiting! Time to act, to rise up and revolt! Time to unite and wage a bold struggle!

This year, we are welcoming March 8, while the wave of struggle against fascism, not only in the U.S. but also in many other countries, has brought women to the forefront of struggle.

In Iran, women’s struggle, along with other progressive social movements, against the reactionary Islamic Republic, has become inseparable from the struggle against the rise of fascism and backwardness all over the world.

As a result, this year, we are welcoming March 8, while announcing the birth of a «Campaign to Fight State, Social and Domestic Violence against Women «. This has created a new opportunity for the Iranian and international women’s movements to join a united, spirited and bold international struggle. Every women who opposes violence against women, can join this flow of struggle to become part of a roaring wave to revolutionary overthrow the misogynist Islamic regime of Iran.

This year, we will be all united and determined in joining this campaign to start a point in order to organize a purposeful and widespread struggle by March 8, 2019, which will be the 40th anniversary of the “Five Days Demonstrations of Iranian women against forced veil- March 8, 1979”. This indicates 40 years of continuous and courageous struggle of Iranian women against one of the most reactionary and misogynist regimes in the world. We, the campaign activists, from today will start 40 united struggles worldwide, in order to ultimately have our biggest and strongest presence in struggle by March 8, 2019.

Rise up! Come out of shadows and side-lines! Stand upright!
Rise up! Break the silence! Shout! Your voice is the hidden strength of our anger!
Rise up! Give us your hands to become stronger! 
Rise up! Join the struggle with any innovation you have and support us! We understand your untold stories!
Rise up! Together we can break the chains of violence against women in such a way that will be impossible to enchain it again!

 Campaign against State, Social and Domestic Violence against Women in Iran
March 8, 2017