Women of the world! Unite to fight violence against women

We are approaching March 8 International Women’s Day In the context of the growing spread of violence against women and the widespread war on women, that the world has never seen before. misogyny and patriarchy have pervaded the world; rape (in the family or by strangers), murder of women by their husbands, harassment in the workplace, school, streets and offices, honor killings, sex trade and trafficking, pornography, poverty, Unemployment, homelessness … have ruined the lives of millions of women. In Iran, under the rule of a capitalist theocratic regime women for almost 40 years have experienced the most terrible crimes and violence that are legally imposed.

In Iran and in the world, all the oppression and violence imposed on women are rooted in the capitalist system, and nowadays, since the contradictions of the capitalist system have become more acute, violence against women has taken Horrendous dimensions. This war against women, is for the survival of the exploitative and oppressive system, which must maintain and deepen the men’s domination over women in order to gain super profit and resolve its economic crises, and thus needs to be able to exploit them by controlling their body and reducing them to a sexual and reproductive object. That is why, not only in Iran with a theocratic capitalist regime, but also in the imperialist capitalist countries, we are witnessing the growth of fascist movements that are controlling women’s bodies through opposing the abortion. By the rule of law, tradition, art, ideology, and social media, they constantly reinforce the traditional wife and mother’s roles.

But on the other hand, women’s struggles against patriarchy has become more widespread. Last year, the historic march of more than two million women in the United States on the streets against Trump and Fascism, showed the growing consciousness of women about their role and mission for the struggle against patriarchy and fascism. In Iran, along with uprising of the poor against Islamic Republic, the women’s struggle against compulsory veil, has risen sharply and targeted the ideological flag of the Islamic Republic. The history of the women’s struggles against the veil goes back to 39 years ago on March 8 1979, when tens of thousands of women went to the streets and shouted “We did not make a revolution to go backward”. This struggle continued since and throughout the life of the Islamic Republic regime, and today it goes on in public and in many ways.

Now that the struggles of the people against poverty, unemployment, inequality, corruption and theft have taken new dimensions and shakened the fundamental pillars of the Islamic Republic, the struggle of women against compulsory hijab can make a decisive impact on the quality of people’s struggles. Of course, due to the lack of a revolutionary force, women’s struggle like any other struggle the threatened by repression or deviation from domestic and international reactionary forces. History has proved that with just the Spontaneous struggles, and without awareness and political consciousness and revolutionary organization, it is impossible to achieve the goal of emancipating women from all forms of oppression and exploitation.

Today, understanding this necessity for all of us women and militant, conscious and revolutionary forces, is important more than ever, to transform and organize ourselves, and together with other exploited and oppressed contribute to the revolutionary movement, to overthrow the Islamic Republic regime of Iran as the main cause of violence against women. It is time to not only by our widespread campaign against oppression and violence and exploitation, be at the forefront of the revolutionary movement with the aim of overthrowing the Islamic regime, but also unite with other women, pursue a steady and tireless struggle to break the chain of oppression and exploitation of the world patriarchal imperialist capitalist system, in order to help to create a world without any violence against women.

Campaign to fight state,social and domestic violence against women in Iran- March 8, 2018