Call for a United Action

If you want to abolish the compulsory hijab by women!
If you want to unite and defend the protests of “the girls of Revolution Street”, against compulsory hijab!
If you want to gain the freedom of dress and women’s right to control their bodies in practice!
If you want to put an end to poverty, unemployment, prostitution, street sleeping, feminization of poverty, oppression and super exploitation … of women!
If you want to abolish all unequal laws and Islamic sanctions against women in practice!
If you want to smash the capitalist patriarchal relations in any form and place!
Join the Women’s Campaign rally and protest in three countries of Netherlands, Belgium and Germany on March 8, 2019, concurrent with the 40th Anniversary of “Five-Day Women’s uprising on March 8, 1979, against Compulsory hijab in Iran!


Because, women with 39 years of struggle and resistance against forced veil have shown in a real way that they are determined to stand at the forefront of the struggle against anti-woman Islamic Republic regime of Iran.

Because based on the objective conditions and the recent uprising of the workers, toilers and other deprived classes against poverty, high prices, corruption, injustice, prostitution, grave or street sleeping, prostitution, drug addiction, unemployment, no future, gender oppression, national oppression and class oppression …, women posed a major challenge to one of the main political-ideological pillars of the Islamic Republic by removing their forced headscarves.

Because women have consciously challenged one of the structural principles of the Islamic Republic nervous system, and have turned the 39-year long resistance against compulsory hijab into a public protest.

Because in the current condition, women do not just demand their basic rights, they do not wait, they do not tolerate, they do not wear “bad hijab”, they do not demand or bargain or compromise …, but in practice they break the tight fence of tolerance and reform for this theocratic system and realize the freedom of dress, and create a new form of struggle against compulsory hijab.

Because the Islamic Republic of Iran carried out its first attack on women by forcing hijab on them three weeks after coming to power, in order to control and intimidate the society. The Islamic fundamentalist’s rampage on women was not accidental. Compulsory hijab is the ideological flag and a tool of state control over women’s body, will and fate; and it was after imposing hijab that all other unequal laws and Islamic punishments against women were approved. But women were the first force who heard the sound of Islamic fundamentalist coming to power. Tens of thousands of revolutionary, militant and freedom seeking women came into the streets on March 8,1979, the International Women’s Day, protesting for several days in opposition to the compulsory Hijab order, and made a persistence struggle in the history of women’s struggles against compulsory hijab, against the onslaught of the state on Society and women’s bodies and freedom, and practically against the emergence of a new religious tyranny. By doing so, they laid the foundations of a new women’s movement. Since then, women; individually or collectively, consciously or spontaneously, with ebbs and flows, have been resisting the regime’s war on women. Women have resisted and struggled not only against compulsory hijab, but also in other aspects of women’s oppression such as right to divorce and custody, right to education and work, right to choose in marriage, right to choose a same-sex partner and … .

Because we know well that the fight against gender oppression and the role of women’s movement, is not limited to the fight against compulsory hijab, however the Iranian women’s struggle against compulsory hijab paves the way to a deeper struggle to gain women’s freedom and equality in all areas of economic, political, Social, cultural, etc., and brings about other forms of gender oppression, and challenges the patriarchal relations of capitalism in which women’s body is a commodity and a sexual object.

Therefore, we call for all freedom seeking women and men, revolutionary organizations and parties, all militant, progressive and anti-racism forces that are committed to build a future free from today’s horrors in Iran and the world:

Concurrent with the 40th anniversary of “Five-Day Women’s uprising on March 8, 1979, against Compulsory hijab” in Iran, join the women’s campaign rallies and the rightful struggle of Iranian women, in order to fight united and powerful against compulsory hijab and the state control over their bodies, against any intrusion into women’s fate. To show to international women’s movement the unbreakable bond between the revolutionary women’s struggles on March 8, 1979 and the girls of Revolution Street.

Join us, so together with the slogan “control of my body is my right, not any religion, nor any state, nor any person,” pave the way for the struggle of women and people to achieve the full separation of religion and state, and scream loudly that the emancipation of women and all oppressed people will be achieved in the first step through the revolutionary overthrow of the Islamic Republic regime.

Join us, so that we can block the way for any opportunism, possible war … capitalism / imperialism and the confiscation of the struggles of women and people in Iran. Because the circles of people’s struggles are linked together. The continuation of the struggles of workers, teachers, students, nationalities, women …, against the Islamic Republic should be joined in such a way that no power bears to stand against it.

Therefore, in the midst of the war fair policies of global powers, we neither seek “national reconciliation” with the reactionary regime of the Islamic Republic, nor “mercy” of the imperialist forces, because they are both lying. Because the conflict of interest between these two reactionary forces has nothing to do with interests of women and majority of the masses of people.

Women’s Movement is a universal movement, thus we call on all women, women’s activists and women’s organizations around the world, to support Iranian women to continue their struggle against compulsory hijab and other forms of gender oppression and by participating in it help to successfully advance this struggle, in line with the interests and advancement of The Global Women’s Movement.

We do not tolerate,
We do not give up,
We do not demand,
We abolish the enslavement law ourselves,
We write the law for freedom and equality ourselves,
We uncover hijab from our head,
We uncover hijab from the mind of society,
And we will not stop until we are emancipated!

Details of the rallies will be coming soon!

Campaign to fight state, social and domestic violence against women in Iran
15 May 2018