Women of the world! unite to end violence against women

The statement no.1
In commemoration of the international day of struggle against violence against women

The extent of violence against women in the world has been brutally increased. From the trade of young women and girls in the Western and other countries for forced prostitution and pornography, to rape, insult and humiliation, honor killing, from forced marriage, harassment in the streets and the workplace, women’s stoning for love, to endangering the lives of millions of women by illegal abortion and beating in their homes by men…; there is an interconnected chain of state, social and domestic oppression of women. It is the dominant imperialist system that imposes such brutal violence against women. Without degrading women, the practical and ideological support of man’s superiority over woman and organising the widest form of violence in various spheres of economic, social and domestic, this system which is based on the oppression and exploitation, will not survive. All the forms of state, social, and domestic violence against women, are tools for the continuation and strengthening of the power relations and the obedience to men, and are one of the most blatant manifestations of the authority of patriarchal class system in today’s world. But at the same time that violence against women has become global, women’s resistance and struggle have become more globally widespread.

Nearly 40 years ago, the new government of the Islamic Republic regime in Iran, by Khomeini’s order of compulsory Hijab, told women that it was based on discrimination, widespread violence and women’s repression and subordination. Forcing hijab was the first step to force other anti-women laws based on Islamic Sharia, and since then, there has been an unbridled violence to deepen women’s subjugation. By announcing a war on women with forced hijab, tens of thousands of women, in five days of continuous uprising and with the slogan “women’s freedom, is the scale of society’s freedom”; founded the new women’s movement. Over the past 40 years, women individually and collectively, consciously and spontaneously, have continued the struggle and resistance against organized government violence, in various forms, with “bad hijab” with seeking to obtain the right to divorce, custody and … .

In recent months, on the basis of the objective conditions that led to the rise and struggle of the masses in lower class of society against the whole regime in Iran, the struggle against compulsory hijab, which started by Vida Movahed waving her headscarf on stick and spread quickly throughout the country, is having a new and protesting dimensions. Progressive and rebellious women will abolish the law of forced hijab by their own. This form of struggle shows that law is written and executed by the oppressed. This struggle has the potential to be organized and advance toward the goal of serving a revolution that breaks down the foundations of the anti-women Islamic regime of Iran and its imperialist supporters, and releases the energy of millions of women into building a new society in which women are emancipated.

The campaign to fight violence against women in Iran, which started two years ago, plans to organise a three-day march on the occasion of International Women’s Day (2019) in three European countries in following cities: Hamburg (March 6th), Amsterdam (March 7th), and Brussels (March 8th); to celebrate the 40th anniversary of women’s uprising against forced hijab in Iran, and to reflect the voice of millions of women in Iran against forced hijab, in solidarity with the recent struggles.

We call on all revolutionary and progressive activists, forces and organizations to participate in the successful advancement of this revolutionary march and support it in any possible way in solidarity with women’s struggles against forced hijab as the core center of state violence against women in Iran.

Campaign to fight state, social and domestic violence against women in Iran
November 2018