Statement Number 2: A Call on all fighting forces to make a lasting work of art in radical women’s movement

“The Campaign to fight violence against women in Iran”, which started two years ago, intends to organise 3 days march on March 8, International Women’s Day in 2019 in three European cities in Hamburg (March 6th), Den Haag/The Hague (March 7th) and Brussels (March 8th); in order to mark the 40th anniversary of the women’s uprising against compulsory hijab in Iran, and in solidarity with the recent women’s struggles to reflect the voice of millions of women against the compulsory hijab.

The campaign’s activists are seeking to make a song/chant that reflects the 40 years of women’s struggle against forced hijab and other forms of oppression. Some committed artists have expressed their willingness to create such a valuable work. Therefore, we need financial assistance to produce a lasting impression in the movement, especially women’s movement in Iran.

We call on all women, fighters, progressive forces and revolutionaries, and all those who are dedicated to the emancipation of women; to contribute to the movement for this matter by their financial donation. But in addition to this, we expect those financially capable individuals who also support women’s struggles to overthrow the Islamic regime of Iran as the first step towards emancipation, to volunteer to pay the cost of creating an effective work of art and help the radical and revolutionary women’s movement in the current sensitive condition.

Please contact us if you have any suggestion, idea or facility in this context!

Account number:

BE20 0004 4362 5456

Account owner:

Anne Mortiaux

Campaign to fight state, domestic and social violence against women in Iran

19 January 2019