Join us to rally under IWD banner- Vancouver/Canada

When : Mar 8, 2019 – 5 to 7 pm
Where : Grandview Park – Commercial Drive, Vancouver, at the corner of Charles Street

Get ready for International Women’s Day 2019!
March 8 2019 marks 109 years since the first International Women’s Day.
INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY was first called in 1910 at the Second International Conference of Working Women, led by German socialist Clara Zetkin. It was inspired by the struggles of women workers in the U.S., particularly textile workers in New York City, who organized a massive march in March 1908.
Mar 8 is inspired by struggles of women around the world for emancipation, freedom, equality and social justice for all.
Women are playing a rapidly expanding role as workers in all sorts of work including industries, fields and services. They face grueling, filthy and dangerous working conditions at low pay for long hours.
We will gather to echo women’s voice around the world for demands including an end to exploitation, discrimination, unequal pay, gender violence, forced and child marriage, honour killing, hijab, sexism, homophobia, environmental degradation, militarism, war and occupation.
Bring your own banner, signs and let’s make a big noise and let all know that we won’t stop fighting back.

IWD Committee 2019 – Vancouver