Spreading revolutionary views, uniting and organizing Women

November 2019 uprising in Iran, deeply cultivated the land of struggle and created a more favorable ground for continuing the struggle against the Islamic regime. Its result was the student’s protests in January 2020. The various uprisings and struggles show that the objective conditions for expanding a revolutionary approach, intensifying conscious and organized struggle with a specific goal for women and for all other oppressed classes and strata in Iran are ever more favorable.

The strong presence of women in the battlefields of struggles and street fights has cost dear for a regime that has been investing on women oppression more than 41 years by imprisoning the women inside homes and trying to keep them away from the social activities, through patriarchal culture and traditions, compulsory hijab, anti-woman laws based on Sharia and brutal systematic suppression. Women have proved they are determined to continue their struggle against the anti-woman Islamic regime, whether they have been imprisoned in the medieval prisons of the regime or imprisoned in the bigger prison called Iran.

The arrest and imprisonment of women who bravely took-off their Hijab in protest in the last two years and have been sentenced to long term imprisonment by the system shows the importance of compulsory hijab for this theocratic regime even at this moment. Even though the Islamic regime is fighting for its survival but the compulsory hijab that is tied with the theocratic rule continue to be one the most important element on their suppressing agenda.

The bare courage, outburst and rebellious of women in all struggles and uprisings in Iran is a response to forty one years unbridled and rampant violence of anti-woman Islamic regime. This accumulated rage of women can only play its real and decisive role at the outcome of the struggles if it is infused together with the revolutionary consciousness and unite the women in a broad and independent mass organization. It is essential to raise the scientific and revolutionary conscious of women in order to draw a clear line of distinction with the reactionary forces that are dependent on imperialists and their program is to subjugate the women and all the people. Under such circumstances we can conduct the struggle in the service of the revolutionary overthrow of the Islamic Republic and more importantly to lay the foundation for a new society that is committed to liberate the women.

The united spirit and a high degree of uncompromising struggle against Islamic regime in particular in the November uprising must be part of the provision  for celebrating this year’s 8 March the International Women’s Day and beyond that. By relying on that we can try tirelessly in the path of uniting the revolutionary women’s movement. With such an orientation we can take targeted and sensible steps to mobilise women in Iran around a revolutionary view and in this way to ensure the advancement of women’s revolutionary movement.

The campaign to fight state, social and domestic violence against women in Iran

8 March Women’s Organization (Iran- Afghanistan)

8 March 2020
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